Handmade All Natural Soap for Face & Body

Natural Soaps

Making soap is such an enjoyable activity to do and it is something I choose to do even in my spare time. Many of my friends ask me about making soap and often ask me to send them a tutorial or a how-to guide. So, I thought why don’t I make a blog post about it and then it is there as a reference for any of my friends and their friends to see. All I would have to do is send them the link and boom it is there for them to read whether on the computer, iPad, smartphone etc.

Soap making basics

Soap making can be a simple process or it can be complicated depending on how many steps you include. One of the key benefits of making your own soap is that you can choose the exact ingredients and fragrances that you want. Whether you want to create a natural soapf or are okay with a couple of non-natural ingredients, the choice is yours. Your soap making process will get better with time and with adjustments made here and there. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes. Almost all soap recipes will use ounces or grams – just make sure you keep to the same or equivalent throughout all you weighing. With that, all ingredients must be weighed in order to achieve accurate outcomes.

Using Lye

The only ingredient you cannot change in handmade soap is lye or 100% sodium hydroxide. Do not under any circumstances substitute crystal lye for liquid lye or drain cleaners etc. They will cause inaccuracies in measurements and also include metals which you do not want.

A word of caution – lye is caustic. That means that it can burn holes in fabric and burn your skin. Therefore, be super careful when handling lye.

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