Top Ways to Cut Your Wedding Budget

Who says weddings cannot be affordable? With proper planning and effective implementation, you can have a highly budget-friendly wedding that saves you ample money to invest on other important aspects of your life. Planning a wedding on a restricted budget might make it difficult to look across the bigger side of the picture. Rather than being overwhelmed by all the significant details & the respective price tags that might be associated with the different aspects –you can start with small steps towards slashing the overall hefty budget of your wedding.

If you are looking forward to arranging a budget-friendly wedding, then here are some top ways that you can consider:

Limit Alcoholic Beverages

When you set out to limit the overall alcoholic intake of beverages, wine, & beer that will be able to satisfy the guests, you can save a considerable amount of money on the big day planning. When you are purchasing alcoholic drinks, it is advisable to go for wholesale shopping as it can turn to be immensely pocket-friendly. Most merchants offer certain discounts when you buy in bulk.

Cut to the Cake

Plan cutting your wedding cake & tossing the bouquet early in the night. The wedding guests will never know that you have done this to let your videographer or Essex wedding photographer leave early. Thus, it will help in cutting down the per-hour costs.

Save in Wedding Flowers

Though the cost of the flowers might appear minimal, it is the labor that increases the overall costs. If you wish to save money on flowers, you can invest money in the bridal party flowers & advance with non-floral table experiences at your reception. The flowers in the bouquet of the bride & on your parents, bridesmaids, and other relatives are the flowers that will be forever in the photographs – therefore, this is where you must invest.

Buy Local Ingredients

Ask your wedding caterer to make use of the local ingredients including local fruits & vegetables that might be in season. Instead of importing such items or going off-season could put a lot of burden on your overall wedding finances. When you go for local items, this will not only turn to be highly economical, but will also taste better & fresher.

Avoid Expensive Main Course Options

Weddings tend to be one grant event! Most couples aim at spending lavishly on exquisite drinks and fine cuisines from across the corners of the world. However, if you are looking forward to organizing a cost-effective wedding for yourself, you can consider avoiding expensive main course options. You can opt for organizing a raw bar for the cocktail hour that can be stocked with fresh clams, lobster, smoked mussels, and other items.

Hire Local Services

Right from the wedding caterers to the wedding planners, you can consider hiring local services on your wedding day. You can also go with the option of hiring a local wedding photographer Essex to cut short the overall expenses. Also, check out this great professional – David Dean photography.

Make the most of your wedding!

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