Adrian Harrison Photography

Adrian Harrison Photography was founded back in 2009, in Sydney, by Adrian Harrison himself, who is quite known for his food photographs. He has worked with both big brands and small companies, proving himself to be versatile and open to new ideas. Although being famous for his food photographs, Harrison has also worked with other kinds of products and companies, showing himself as a photographer who is constantly expanding his horizons.

His work showcases detailed photos which portray the beauty of the product, or food, itself, giving the viewer a closer look at each existent nuance. As someone who greatly values the item in question, Harrison’s photos are mostly focused only on the item as he adds a solid background. That way, the focus remains on the item itself as its intricate details are highlighted in order to facilitate the admiration by the viewers. For food photographs, Harrison always uses the lighting and how it affects the picture, sometimes using it as a strategy to give an extra appeal and a tastier look.

As someone who is passionate about high-quality photos, as he describes himself to be, Harrison prefers to give his best at learning about the food, location and requirements of the client. However, if the client is a tough one to deal with, Harrison holds on to his own professional instinct and most of the time, if not always, amazes the client. However, he prefers to have a great communication, that way, he will give his own ideas just as he will listen to the client’s own, then, they will work together to create a beautiful high-quality photographs.

Just like most others photographers, he prefers to work with a food stylist, who will use some tricks to make the food look tastier and sometimes more colourful. Therefore, besides having a chef to carefully cook with the best ingredients to create a beautiful food, Harrison also requires a stylist to arrange the needed props to best fit the background and even the food colours. That way an attractive and harmonious picture is created.

As someone who has worked with big brands, the Adrian Harrison Photography was described as friendly, very professional and efficient, amongst other praises. Besides his outstanding ability to capture beautiful photographs that reflect the client’s requirements, his work of retouching images has also been praised multiple times by different clients. Also, his quick feedback has been consistently mentioned as a surprising detail, alongside his high level of results. Therefore, Adrian Harrison is an excellent choice for a photographer if an efficient and easy to work with professional is needed, as there is no doubt that he is always giving his best at his work.

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