Adrian Harrison Photography

Adrian Harrison Photography was founded back in 2009, in Sydney, by Adrian Harrison himself, who is quite known for his food photographs. He has worked with both big brands and small companies, proving himself to be versatile and open to new ideas. Although being famous for his food photographs, Harrison has also worked with other kinds of products and companies, showing himself as a photographer who is constantly expanding his horizons.

His work showcases detailed photos which portray the beauty of the product, or food, itself, giving the viewer a closer look at each existent nuance. As someone who greatly values the item in question, Harrison’s photos are mostly focused only on the item as he adds a solid background. That way, the focus remains on the item itself as its intricate details are highlighted in order to facilitate the admiration by the viewers. For food photographs, Harrison always uses the lighting and how it affects the picture, sometimes using it as a strategy to give an extra appeal and a tastier look.

As someone who is passionate about high-quality photos, as he describes himself to be, Harrison prefers to give his best at learning about the food, location and requirements of the client. However, if the client is a tough one to deal with, Harrison holds on to his own professional instinct and most of the time, if not always, amazes the client. However, he prefers to have a great communication, that way, he will give his own ideas just as he will listen to the client’s own, then, they will work together to create a beautiful high-quality photographs.

Just like most others photographers, he prefers to work with a food stylist, who will use some tricks to make the food look tastier and sometimes more colourful. Therefore, besides having a chef to carefully cook with the best ingredients to create a beautiful food, Harrison also requires a stylist to arrange the needed props to best fit the background and even the food colours. That way an attractive and harmonious picture is created.

As someone who has worked with big brands, the Adrian Harrison Photography was described as friendly, very professional and efficient, amongst other praises. Besides his outstanding ability to capture beautiful photographs that reflect the client’s requirements, his work of retouching images has also been praised multiple times by different clients. Also, his quick feedback has been consistently mentioned as a surprising detail, alongside his high level of results. Therefore, Adrian Harrison is an excellent choice for a photographer if an efficient and easy to work with professional is needed, as there is no doubt that he is always giving his best at his work.

Top Ways to Cut Your Wedding Budget

Who says weddings cannot be affordable? With proper planning and effective implementation, you can have a highly budget-friendly wedding that saves you ample money to invest on other important aspects of your life. Planning a wedding on a restricted budget might make it difficult to look across the bigger side of the picture. Rather than being overwhelmed by all the significant details & the respective price tags that might be associated with the different aspects –you can start with small steps towards slashing the overall hefty budget of your wedding.

If you are looking forward to arranging a budget-friendly wedding, then here are some top ways that you can consider:

Limit Alcoholic Beverages

When you set out to limit the overall alcoholic intake of beverages, wine, & beer that will be able to satisfy the guests, you can save a considerable amount of money on the big day planning. When you are purchasing alcoholic drinks, it is advisable to go for wholesale shopping as it can turn to be immensely pocket-friendly. Most merchants offer certain discounts when you buy in bulk.

Cut to the Cake

Plan cutting your wedding cake & tossing the bouquet early in the night. The wedding guests will never know that you have done this to let your videographer or Essex wedding photographer leave early. Thus, it will help in cutting down the per-hour costs.

Save in Wedding Flowers

Though the cost of the flowers might appear minimal, it is the labor that increases the overall costs. If you wish to save money on flowers, you can invest money in the bridal party flowers & advance with non-floral table experiences at your reception. The flowers in the bouquet of the bride & on your parents, bridesmaids, and other relatives are the flowers that will be forever in the photographs – therefore, this is where you must invest.

Buy Local Ingredients

Ask your wedding caterer to make use of the local ingredients including local fruits & vegetables that might be in season. Instead of importing such items or going off-season could put a lot of burden on your overall wedding finances. When you go for local items, this will not only turn to be highly economical, but will also taste better & fresher.

Avoid Expensive Main Course Options

Weddings tend to be one grant event! Most couples aim at spending lavishly on exquisite drinks and fine cuisines from across the corners of the world. However, if you are looking forward to organizing a cost-effective wedding for yourself, you can consider avoiding expensive main course options. You can opt for organizing a raw bar for the cocktail hour that can be stocked with fresh clams, lobster, smoked mussels, and other items.

Hire Local Services

Right from the wedding caterers to the wedding planners, you can consider hiring local services on your wedding day. You can also go with the option of hiring a local wedding photographer Essex to cut short the overall expenses. Also, check out this great professional – David Dean photography.

Make the most of your wedding!

The Best Wedding Vehicles Available – Arriving In Style

Aside from the wedding dress, evening dress or even in some cases depending on the style – prom dresses, we take a look at adding an extra style detail to your wedding in the form of a wedding vehicle. When you hire out a wedding vehicle, you’ve made a choice to arrive at your wedding and even your reception in style and comfort. There are many different wedding vehicles available, so to try and figure out which is the best one can be a little daunting sometimes. We’re taking a look at some of the best wedding vehicles you can get.


The Baby Bentley


One of the first vehicles that is a good choice for your wedding vehicle is the Baby Bentley. It is one of the vehicles which is more popular in the UK for weddings, having a lot of attractive features which will be sure to impress. From a luxury interior to a smooth ride regardless of where you go and is a popular choice for the big day.


Lincoln Town Car


Another vehicle which is perfect for weddings is the Lincoln Town Car. This is a car which is gorgeous to look at on the outside and can comfortably transport the bride to be as well as plenty of guests to wherever you want to be. Perfect for brides, bridesmaids and family members to get to the venue or reception in style, the Lincoln is a big hit with weddings up and down the UK.


The Starline


The Starlight limo is a vehicle of class and elegance. It is designed to make people stop and stare, and thus is a very stylish vehicle both inside and out. It is one of the newer party limos on the roads and is this is reflected in the modern televisions and the built in wifi that many of the vehicles offer, and consequently are made for modern transportation.


The Hummer


For those who like having a vehicle which conveys a status, then the Hummer is definitely for you. This is a larger vehicle which commands attention from everyone who sees it and is sure to a stylish and sophisticated way to appear at a wedding.


Audi Q7


Last but certainly least, the fifth vehicle on our list which is perfect for weddings is the Audi Q7. This particular model of limo has been custom built stretch limo which has plenty of room for all the family. It’s also got a great feel to it, and is perfect for brides to be and their bridesmaids, and makes for some great pictures to be taken by your wedding guests.


Overall, these are some of the very best wedding cars in Fife which you could hire out for your wedding. There are different models available which allow for varying degrees of comfort, size and shape. If you’re looking for a very sophisticated and attention commanding vehicle, or simply a smaller one which gets you where you need to be, there’s a different type of car for everyone. Your special day needs to be perfect in every way possible, so choosing the right car is crucial to ensure that the day goes down without a hitch.

Handmade All Natural Soap for Face & Body

Natural Soaps

Making soap is such an enjoyable activity to do and it is something I choose to do even in my spare time. Many of my friends ask me about making soap and often ask me to send them a tutorial or a how-to guide. So, I thought why don’t I make a blog post about it and then it is there as a reference for any of my friends and their friends to see. All I would have to do is send them the link and boom it is there for them to read whether on the computer, iPad, smartphone etc.

Soap making basics

Soap making can be a simple process or it can be complicated depending on how many steps you include. One of the key benefits of making your own soap is that you can choose the exact ingredients and fragrances that you want. Whether you want to create a natural soapf or are okay with a couple of non-natural ingredients, the choice is yours. Your soap making process will get better with time and with adjustments made here and there. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes. Almost all soap recipes will use ounces or grams – just make sure you keep to the same or equivalent throughout all you weighing. With that, all ingredients must be weighed in order to achieve accurate outcomes.

Using Lye

The only ingredient you cannot change in handmade soap is lye or 100% sodium hydroxide. Do not under any circumstances substitute crystal lye for liquid lye or drain cleaners etc. They will cause inaccuracies in measurements and also include metals which you do not want.

A word of caution – lye is caustic. That means that it can burn holes in fabric and burn your skin. Therefore, be super careful when handling lye.